Signs to Look Out for to Confirm Pregnancy

29 Aug

At some point, we have been taught about the means by which we all arrived on this planet. At some point, our mothers held us in their wombs for nine months. That is such a long time and one filled with plenty of sacrifices.  The end product of this process and the period was us.  The question now becomes how our mothers found out they were pregnant.  A better question would be whether you are pregnant? Pregnancy can be such a tricky and anxious thing especially if it is your first time.  The entire process from the start of the pregnancy to its end may appear mysterious.  This article has been designed to specifically help you find a foothold in the topic of detecting pregnancy.

Well, it's safe to say that you have probably heard or gone over the basics, but all in all, it doesn't hurt to emphasize. One thing you want to think about keenly to know if you are pregnant is sex.  The question at this point concerns the last time you had sex.  The other vital question that follows the sex question is if any form of protection was employed. These are vital questions to ask as they set the tempo for everything else that will follow.  In about one and a half weeks for the time of unprotected sex, the fertilized egg is implanted, and henceforth one is termed as being pregnant.  So first, find answers to these queries. Know the probabilities of getting pregnant here!

 Missed periods is another sign you need to look out for.  Missed periods occur at the very initial stages of pregnancy though they may be misleading.  You cannot use missed periods to give an absolute answer to the state of pregnancy.  The argument for this reasoning is that there exist many reasons as to why you may have missed your period. Sudden weight gain, some eating disorders, stress in plenty and regular contraceptive use may be reasons for having missed periods.  Consulting a doctor is the wisest option here. Learn how do ovulation tests work here!

 Consider also incidences of nausea and vomiting.  Nausea and vomiting set in about three weeks from conception making this sign more reliable.  It is caused by a rise in hormones in the body as preparation for pregnancy continues since conception.  The name 'morning sickness' that is used may be misleading as nausea and vomiting can occur at any time. Common aromas of food, perfume or anything out there may make you feel nauseous.

 One can get conclusive results on their pregnancy status using a pregnancy test.  You can do this from home and get the answers you are seeking with better clarity.  After you have had your period, you should do the test to increase its efficiency.  This is crucial since a test earlier than this and it will indicate that you are not pregnant even when in fact you are.  The pregnancy tests are available at the supermarket and local drug stores.  One can confirm the results with a doctor to be on the safe side. To know more about health, visit this website at

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